THE LIGHT IN THE ABSURD – Sachsenhausen 2019

I hadn’t entered a concentration camp until then. It was a very cold March afternoon and there were very few visitors. That icy silence enveloped you even more. If you are in Berlin, you have to take a train to reach SACHSENHAUSEN, obviously all that horror could not and should not have been part of the everyday life of the Berliners. Starting to walk you can not fail to be impressed by the rigor and architectural precision that exists within the field …. everything was studied in detail. As you walk you stop to observe and read each descriptive sign, then slowly try to imagine what could have happened there only 80 years ago. I tried to describe what I saw by imagining the search for light by all those people who were locked up in concentration camps. A light that fades gradually as the path inside the field ends. A light that is always obstructed by bars, absurd even in the autoptic room. Yes, because we can only speak of absurdity by entering a field …. and the absurdity begins right at the entrance with that written “ARBEIT MACHT FREI”.