My eyes as a child are in every picture I shoot; always curious and ready to be amazed. When I was a kid I used to go around with my Kodak Disc 4000 and take photos of my schoolmates, to capture all our little moments of happiness. The flight of a paper airplane, a stolen kiss: that was all of my adventure. My best childhood memories, always with my camera around my neck.
Time has gone by, I have lived, I have travelled, and my passion for photography has never worn off. It is stronger every day, it is my life.
Some people say that this is a job made of lights, looks, situations. I think this is not enough. The driving force is everything, and my driving force is my passion. The same force which drives the world and all those people who still dare fall in love. That is why I devote my work to the people in love and to the story of their most beautiful day. For those who believe that a wedding is not only a ceremony but also a poetical moment. Two people, a day, the promise of a life together.
For all the insane who believe that feelings are not only chemical fireworks. To them, I am a wedding photographer, groom and bride photographer, and I am always looking for the perfect moment. I cannot miss that unforgettable emotion, while respecting the intimacy of such an intense day to be shared with the closest and dearest people. Realising a perfect reportage which comes to life spontaneously, where nothing is an artifact and natural love gestures rule.
It is not all about taking pictures, there is much more to being a photographer. Telling stories through my camera, picture after picture, a new chapter in each photo.
My name is Simone Bacci and I am a photographer.
Let us tell your love story together.