The atmosphere of the very first moments as husband and wife is absolutely magical. The beginning of a path together, hand in hand facing the world. All the energy of a brand new adventure and the promise of eternity are in the air. These moments deserve to be narrated through infrared photography.

Our eyes are literally unable to see all the light around us, especially infrared light, because the infrared frequency is slightly below the visible spectrum which the human eye can detect. What our sight cannot catch, our heart can. But only infrared photography can disclose it. It is that dreamlike atmosphere that arises over the wedding day when the light reflects on colours, texture, leaves, plants, human skin. Unique black and white plays create dreamlike atmospheres. Every single detail of the spouses and the environment around them is enhanced and defined thoroughly. Taking a picture of some special wedding moments through infrared is a bit like lifting that “Maya veil” concealing the secret ingredient of a love story. Unique and hidden.