The magic harmony between two people in love who dream of a life together is in the air long before the wedding day. The engagement reportage is the photo shoot of the couple right before getting married.

It is one of my favourite photo shoots because it encloses all the natural sweetness of wedding vows. Not only the magical moment of the proposal with the engagement ring, but also the looks of true love.
The engagement reportage can be planned months ahead of the wedding and each time it is a unique experience as each couple is unique too. I choose, together with the prospective bride and groom, new venues in line with their personality. You may be walking at sunset among Tuscan hills, you may be walking hand in hand along a beach, bare feet, you may be laughing on the streets of the small village of your first date, you may be playing with your dog among cherry trees, along a river. Every time a significant place for the lovers and a scenic setting for the engagement reportage: the perfect frame for the engagement session.
Shivers on your skin and relax. A special moment which couples give themselves. Nothing to do with the strict timetable of the wedding day. Just a couple of hours to realise the engagement photo shoot and let yourself go: emotions, feelings, natural love gestures, hugs, kisses, caresses. The right atmosphere to create that empathic bond between spouses and photographer which is necessary to realise both engagement session and wedding reportage.
All details of the engagement session can be customised freely. You can choose the time of the day with the best light – dawn or sunset, favourite clothes – casual or colourful, fun accessories to make the session even more personal.
An actual love therapy, perfect also for those married couples who want to update their family photo album or for those couples who haven’t decided to get married yet, but do want to fix a special moment in time – the beginning of a cohabitation for example.
The pictures from the engagement session are perfect for wedding invitations and for wedding fittings such as a tableau de mariage or the wedding site to be shared with family and friends.