Alessia & Nikolas

The proverb says: “The morning has gold in its mouth”, and it is precisely from this that the idea of ​​this early morning shooting was born. When I proposed the location and especially the time to this couple, I thought they thought I was crazy because it all included: wake up at 4.00, more than 40 minutes of travel to reach the location and finally hope that the sun would rise without any haze on the horizon . Every year in Anghiari the same event is repeated, the sun rises and aligns itself with the road, coloring the whole town with a warm and golden light for a few minutes. It is precisely for this reason that I decided to propose this location for these couple shots. We started when the sun had not yet risen, walking through the alleys of the town. I enjoyed playing with their silhouettes until the light turned completely golden and warm.

Thanks to Alessia and Nikolas.