The swarming of employees in big cities. The storytellers, the traffic, the metropolitan life. The pursuit of beauty in a series of pictures shot on the road. Black and white, as the first street photographers used to do. A conceptual choice, the thought before the snapshot. If you want to practise black and white street photography, you have to think and see black and white.

Walking in the street and keeping an eye on all colours in order to go beyond them. Black and white shapes get an enormous geometrical relevance, and the veil of colour is no longer there to hide or sweeten them. So an even stronger attention to lines, curves, overlapping objects is needed, because everything risks to be flattened in black and white, taking on an almost bidimensional shape which must be used wisely. A mirror for our naked lives, with our foot on the accelerator and an endless rainbow of shades out of the window not to be missed. All enhanced by the intensity of black and white street photography.