My eyes as a child are in every picture I shoot; always curious and ready to be amazed. When I was a kid I used to go around with my Kodak Disc 4000 and take photos of my schoolmates, to capture all our little moments of happiness. The flight of a paper airplane, a stolen kiss: that was all of my adventure. My best childhood memories, always with my camera around my neck.



Alessia & Nikolas

The proverb says: “The morning has gold in its mouth”, and it is precisely from this that the idea of

THE LIGHT IN THE ABSURD – Sachsenhausen 2019

I hadn’t entered a concentration camp until then. It was a very cold March afternoon and there were very few

BEHIND THE TARGET – The men of the King of Indies

Everyone sees and sees the great show of the Giostra del Saracino, in the main square of Arezzo. However, few