No Hay

Who has visited Cuba, especially areas less frequented by tourists, can not fail to have heard repeated the recurring phrase “NO HAY” … “THERE ”S NO ””. Initially we do not even the case, but after a while , you start to hear these words as a constant, especially when you try to buy things that any other part of the world we take for granted to be able to find anywhere …. as a simple box of ground coffee. And it is then that you realize that the “NO HAY” is a Cuban reality as it is the embargo. Then look to see what”s around you without being captivated by the colors and the sound of music …. just like with the eyes of the Cuban people, who often find themselves in front of completely empty shelves or with very few things. Hence the idea of the project “NO HAY”. The attempt to tell the lack of something that goes far beyond the tangible, something deeper …. something that NO HAY !!